Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Second on the 2nd - 12/2/15

Elizabeth at the Altered Book Lover blog hosts a posting party on the second of every month.  She asks us to go through our files and bring up a post from the past for a second time.  Why don't you join us and show something you like from your archives.

I make these snowflakes every year.  They are easy and inexpensive and provide a lot of decoration for little time an money.

I checked the links and they still work.


Making Snowflakes

I know I said I wasn't going to get into Christmas stuff until after Thanksgiving.  I did go through some project ideas thinking about what I might like to make this year though.  These snowflakes are on the top of my list.

copy paper snowflake

I made quite a few of these last year. They are made out of regular copy paper, are fairly large and since they are so easy to make I just recycled last years supply instead of trying to figure out how to store them. These are easy. They are cheap. They are fun. Want to make some?

 For written directions click here.

To watch a video click here.  You might want to turn your volume down.

Have fun!


  1. These look like fun, and I am going to try them this year! I need some new decorations to perk thing up a bit. Thanks for double checking that the links work.

  2. This is beautiful - something else for me to try! I will check the link when I get home! Chrisx

  3. I remember this post, and always said I would give it a try......I think THIS will be the year to give it a try, maybe GDs can make them too.
    Thanks for sharing it again.

  4. I remember these from last year, and if there's anything I have, it's plenty of copier paper. I may try a few and might even use them as gift toppers, too. They look difficult, but don't seem to be too hard to make due to the directions.

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful snowflakes for your Second look on the 2nd.

  5. Love the snowflakes, I have one that I got given, but I have never tried to make them myself. Hugs, Valerie

  6. What a pretty snowflake - maybe I could give it a try. They would look good on the Tree!

  7. Very pretty snowflake. I bet it livens up and gives a lot of holiday spirit to your house.

  8. Very pretty snowflake. I bet it livens up and gives a lot of holiday spirit to your house.

  9. VERY nice! I should try my hand at this!