Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Second on the Second - 1/2/18

Good morning friends.  I'm missing Tea Stands for Tuesday and doing the Second on the Second instead.  You can find out more about both at the Altered Art Lovers blog.  There is always something interesting there.

You can see these were created nearly 6 years ago.  I came across the post when looking for a quote to use on a card.  I didn't choose one of these but I got a chuckle out of them.  I don't think the site that had the challenges exists any longer.  Enjoy!


Artist's Play Room 8/1/12

This time Jenn at the Artist's Play Room has challenged us to do a SERIES.  I decided to do a series of Sketchy Ladies with quotes.

3x5 cards, pen, paper scraps. dabs of glue

Here they are individually so you can read the quote written on each one.

I don't remember where I got this list of quotes, I just found them to be amusing.  Sorry the pictures have shadows, unless I can go outside in the full sun I don't seem to be able to take photo's without this happening.


  1. Mornin' Darla,
    I've always enjoyed your Sketchy Ladies. And the quotes are delightful, too. Thanks for sharing. May your New Year be filled with inspiration and creativity. Hugs.

  2. Good morning, I love these quotes and love the ladies too Thanks for sharing your second on the 2nd and Happy New Year Kathy

  3. Oh Darla, I remember this post and I laughed then, too. I simply adore the quotes. They are just too funny. And of course your sketchy ladies are the BEST. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous art (you draw so well) with us for a second look on the 2nd.

  4. Those little ATC cards are a riot. Since I've only "met" you recently I really enjoyed seeing them. Hugs-Erika

  5. I love these quotes, so funny, and your lady sketches are perfect. You have such good insight Darla. Happy new year 🎉✨

  6. They are terrific! Happy New Year Darla!

  7. Those quotes made me laugh. What a great collection!