Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Neighborhood Walk - 4/12/17

My early morning walks continue.  Rarely do I miss a day.  
Regulars here know I enjoy a little window shopping when I walk the route that takes me to 4th Street.

I like the colors in this display.  The turquoise necklace is similar to one I own.  The cuffs at the top of the photo are fabric with a variety of charms/buttons attached.  DYI project anyone?

There is lots of greenery and some color but our unusually wet year continues.

Some of the sidewalk containers look quite pretty even without blossoms.

Have you taken a walk lately?


  1. This looks like a fun walk, Darla. That must mean that your rain has let up. Ours is still in full force so walking is (a) walking the dog - Himself; (b) walking to the mailbox - Herself. Thanks for sharing yours.

  2. I have walked all over our 1 acre property most days to see how much change is taking place. Things are starting to move a little faster - yeah!

  3. Those cuffs look a bit like some my friend Kathy made, but hers were even more elaborate.

    The planter boxes are beautiful this year. I'm sure it's great that the rain has greened everything up.

    I'd love to find time to walk, but I've been so busy making art, cleaning, mowing, and trying to get my blog back in shape, I haven't had time to plant a garden, so walking anywhere is not a big priority right now. Glad to follow you around, though.

  4. Those cuff bracelets are lovely, aren't they! Plants are such a pleasant touch in public places.

    We had a beautiful day yesterday, and my daughter and I went walking downtown yesterday. It's good to have sunny, warm weather for it :)

  5. Love the way the sun struck the store window in your shot.

    I walk whenever I can, which today translates into a rare (this time of year) walk to work, which is where I am right now! Love walking and love going along on yours.

  6. I like that red blossom in the second to last picture, I am wondering if it is blossom or leaves.

  7. I like your early morning walks. When I take walks here I almost never pass shop window displays but I like the idea of taking pictures of them. I like this season when nature wakes up again. There's a lot of wisteria blooming in the neighborhood right now and I love to pass them.